Disklavier (from German Disk + Klavier) is a brand of innovative acoustic pianos produced by Yamaha. Disklaviers are produced in the form of grand pianos and pianos and are used both by young pianists, including during the process of training, and by professionals for whom the Disklavier PRO series is manufactured.


Like a regular acoustic keyboard.
Most models are based on Yamaha real acoustic pianos. They were specially designed so that the electromechanical elements of the instrument do not affect the sound in any way during usual playing the instrument.

For recording, storing and reproducing performances with educational purposes and for use in concerts.
Performances are recorded in Disklavier’s memory, on a computer or on an information storage device (CD, USB, etc.). When playing a recording, the mechanical parts of the instrument move (while the electronic components do not interfere with the formation of sound), that allows you to listen to recorded works in acoustic sound. The ability to record and play can be widely used for educational purposes: so that the students can hear themselves from the outside, to monitor progress, to record the teacher’s performances, to learn works performed in 4 hands, etc. Saving the recordings provides a unique opportunity to create an archive of the performances of leading pianists with their subsequent use during concerts.

For use in distant master classes, concerts and competitions.
Two Disklaviers located in different cities or even countries can be connected via Internet (in parallel, video broadcasting is performed using video equipment). Playing on one Disklavier in real time is acoustically reproduced on another Disklavier, that provides great opportunities for conducting remote master classes, concerts and competitions.

For composing of music.
Disklavier allows to use in composing such performance techniques that are difficult or even impossible for a pianist to play.

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